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Community projects

These projects have not been made by Clanplanet itself, but by the community (the users of Clanplanet). Therefore, you do not receive any support from Clanplanet for these projects. In case of problems, please contact the organizers directly.

There are no english projects yet.

I have a project or am a designer. How do I get on this list?
You can tell us about your project and should check the following things beforehand:
  • The project should have quality and make a good and active impression overall.
  • The project should already have been in existence for some time and you should already have personal references (e.g., as a designer: several self-made designs; as league/tournament: at least one successful run). If the project is a new idea that does not yet exist here, we might even accept it beforehand.
Write a post in the forum with links and the name of your website and send a PM to us.

Premium sponsorship for projects and designers
We offer premium sponsorship for the projects and designers and would like to support them in their work in order to create high quality designs and projects for Clanplanet. You can apply for a sponsorship. The conditions are similar to those mentioned above. As a designer, you can get a test site for developing designs if you are just beginning.
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New to Clanplanet
Clan with 3 Members
platform CoD: Modern Warfare (2019)

elementaL Gaming
Clan with 6 Members
platform CoD: Modern Warfare (2019)
platform CoD: Call of Duty

German Task Force
Clan with 5 Members
platform CoD: Modern Warfare (2019)

Dettens eC
Clan with 14 Members
platform FIFA 20
platform Apex Legends
platform CoD: Modern Warfare (2019)
platform Rocket League
platform StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
platform F1 2018

Black Office Company
Clan with 11 Members
platform CoD: Modern Warfare (2019)

Die Reservisten
Clan with 3 Members
platform Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Clan with 3 Members
platform CoD: Black Ops IIII
platform Rainbow Six: Siege
platform Apex Legends
platform Fortnite Battle Royale

Clan with 4 Members
platform CoD: Modern Warfare (2019)
platform Destiny 2
platform Wolfenstein Youngblood

Guild with 34 Members
platform World of Warcraft

Sephiroth's Erben
Guild with 3 Members
platform Final Fantasy XIV